Matthew Harrison-Lord
Performer, Artist, Programmer, Creative Producer

Panel 1

A:U by Laverack

A:U in 79 words: A:U is at the centre of our world: A:U is at the core of our humanity: A:U is in the aesthetic: A:U is in the absurd: A:U is music: A:U is art: A:U is a movement: A:U is A:U.

Au is the elemental code for GOLD. This show trashes all over what Gold is, how it is used and how it is intrinsically linked (not) to the performance venue. It’s a camp dash through the Golden Ratio and those that love it.

  • AU is a Lecture
  • AU is a Rabbit
  • AU is a sales pitch

Scratched at Square Chapel Arts Centre (Halifax) and Centre for Live Art in Yorkshire (Leeds). Dance collected by Quarantine as part of Wallflower. R&D supported by Arts Council England. Debuted at Brighouse Arts Festival.

The film used in A:U by LAVERACK: Halifax: Gold Town.

Panel 2

Paris Louvre 1942

A performance re-enactment of the documentary photograph by Hungarian photographer Paul Almásy entitled Paris Louvre, 1942.

Performed at Tate Liverpool in February 2016 & MMK2 Frankfurt in September 2016.


Panel 3

Moving Walls

Moving Walls was performed at Espai La Rambleta Exhibition Space in Valencia, Spain, July 2016, days after BREXIT.

This work is published in Issue 2 of All of the Sins Journal in January 2017.

It was also screened twice a day throughout May 2019 on the Leeds Millennium Square city screen and exhibited as part of the Versailles Biennale of Architecture and Landscape from May to July 2019.

This work came days after Brexit happened when I was on a Creative Europe funded residency in Valencia, Spain. As a reaction to our moving of metaphorical and the possibility of physical borders of our collective place, I decided to spend time moving the walls of my place – the gallery.

The theme for Issue 2 of All of the Sins Journal was movement in art and art through movement. Issue 2 artists took inspiration from all sorts of movement, from mathematics to current events, and translated movement into experiences for the stage, performance art, and poetry.

The screenings of the work have been at Leeds Millennium Square city screen (left) and the National School of Architecture of Versailles.
Dramaturgy: Fay Beesley
Scenography: Bhavesh Jadva
Movement Director: Paula Pachon

Panel 4


A work performed as part of DEATH & ROMANCE: a laboratory performance lead by Franko B at Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary – Centre for Contemporary Art, Trevi (Perugia), Umbria, Italy.

This work invited audience members to gift a cutting of their hair and in return their hands were cleansed; to end the performance the water was poured down the cobbled hill and all 35 hair clippings were burnt outside the door of the church.