Matthew Harrison-Lord
Performer, Artist, Programmer, Creative Producer

Panel 1

(Mis)Information Desk

(Mis)Information Desk is a parodic site-(non)specific performance that provides correct, misleading, and irrelevant information. The desk workers will enlighten members of the public with directions to non-neighbouring cities, news about the weather, and random facts about the invention of the wheel. (Mis)Information Desk provides playful opportunities for misinformation and subject redefinition. It offers provocations on authorship and illusion/reality within performance.

(Mis)Information Desk, was functioning as a pop-up help centre for the festival, coaxing unsuspecting, and probably struggling festival patrons into asking questions. Followed by trying to upsell them an adult rain poncho. If you’re not expecting the unexpected, you’re in the wrong place.
Review: Threshold 2016 Exhibition at Lantern Theatre: Patrick Kirk-Smith

The performance was a spectacle of the absurd… (Mis)Information Desk presented a transformation of how we understand interaction. Or how we take every day communication for granted, and created something entertaining from the answers. (

Performed at Z-Arts for the Emergency Festival by WordOfWarning, Threshold Festival, Chorlton Arts Festival & Brighouse Arts Festival with guest artist Ellen Buckley.


Panel 2

Paris Louvre 1942

A performance re-enactment of the documentary photograph by Hungarian photographer Paul Almásy entitled Paris Louvre, 1942.

Performed at Tate Liverpool in February 2016 & MMK2 Frankfurt in September 2016.


Panel 3


A work performed as part of DEATH & ROMANCE: a laboratory performance lead by Franko B at Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary – Centre for Contemporary Art, Trevi (Perugia), Umbria, Italy.

This work invited audience members to gift a cutting of their hair and in return their hands were cleansed; to end the performance the water was poured down the cobbled hill and all 35 hair clippings were burnt outside the door of the church.

Panel 4

Storyhouse Chester Opening Tour

I was commissioned by Yet Another Carnival to open Storyhouse to the community.

Storyhouse is a £37 million new arts centre in Chester, bringing together a theatre, library and cinema. The Rep company is the newest in the UK and largest outside of the National and RSC.

I was commissioned to open the event and to provide a performative tour around the building for hundreds of children and members of the public.

Storyhouse #bookworm film of the opening event by Fotan Productions.

Photographs by Mark Carline for the Chester Chronicle Newspaper.

BBC Merseyside report.