Yoko Ono is an inspiration to me from Cut Piece, to Grapefruit and this book Acorn.
Photograph of the book & pen that I own on the desk that I own with the coffee that I drank.
IMG_8152The first conceptual instruction is entitled ‘YOUR PIECE’ and this is my response.
Name (including all the names you are called by):
Matthew David Harrison-Lord, Lord, MHL, Matt, Matty, Matthew, Babe & Chuck.

Address (past, present, future):
1 **** Lane, Leeds, LS****
******* Farm, Chester, CH****
5, ***** Court, Chester, CH****
The ******, **** Grove, Leeds, LS****
1*, ******** Court, Chester, CH****
*2, ********** Road, Chester, CH*****
8 **** Way, Chester, CH***
7, *** Mount, Manchester, M*****
99*, **** Row, London, L*****
Age: I am the age where…
I start to build my future, I am the age where I question what life might bring me, I am the age where I start to reflect on what I have done.
What you like:
I like theatre, performance, live art, photography, music, technology, cars, fashion, interior design, friends and family & conversations with people.
I like Chester, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Romania, Czech Republic & Holland.
I like mornings when at home and when on holiday the late sunny evenings.
I like a storm when I am safe inside, and I love snow when it starts to cover the roads.
I used to say white, and now I love grey, from clothing to rooms, cardboard to photographs. I like grey.
The sound of rain on the roof of a car, a live piano being played by a professional & a vintage camera lens shooting a picture.
When someone walks inside and brings the smell of fresh day on their clothing. Autumn is the best time for this.
I like meat when it’s cooked how it should be, Thai curries, lasagne & red wine.
Describe your world as you see it.
a) inner:
At the moment I’m a little stressed, and lost with where my creative focus should be placed, and how my creative mind should formulate ideas. So where better than ‘YOUR PIECE’ by Yoko Ono to question who I am.
b) outer:
A rat race with those rushing and pushing with deadlines and events that I just want to put my hands up and say, let’s take a pause just a moment or two simply to breath, yet I am aware of the judgement of failure or postponing (probably only from myself) and so I shall join the community that surrounds me and continue. It’s a happy world with a supportive network.
Your Regret:
My memory is rubbish and so I forget every memory that I create and that I should have, so I don’t have any regrets. Either that or I have yet to experience something major. I know that on a micro scale I always get engrossed in the activity that I am involved in and therefore I can regret the many times I have become so incredibly stressed and caught up in events that I don’t see the wider image / release from the moment.
Your Pride:
I pride myself on who I am – when I meet new people and how I talk to people confidently, and how I push myself to go forward even in challenging situations. I’m always critical of myself, but seeing (eventually, and even if it’s exceptionally delayed and detached from the action) what I have managed to achieve (even if small) and managing to find pride in that.
Your attachments:
a) animate:
My partner, my family, my friends & my teachers (wider sense of the word).
b) inanimate:
My recent collection of books, my technology, my house & my photographs.
Your wish:
For me to progress in my field of study.
That whatever I end up doing I keep being happy.
World Peace.