Family History

I decided, as of 30 minutes ago to have a look at the family tree of my Grandfathers closest relatives. To see the male names from the Harrison-Lord side.

These are a select few. Only ones that I found interesting – let’s imagine I’m on the television show “who do you think you are”

Male family names:

Osmond Marvyn Chiene 1880

Raymond Clarence Dessa 1905

George James Berckman Dessa 1874

Frederick William Denison Folger 1861

Etienne David Lord (Folger) 1903

Robert Bernhardt Gaughran 1942

Francis Grose 1700

John Harrison de Lord 1846

Emile Bernhardt Harrison Lord 1879

Julian Emile Harrison Lord 1931

William Bernhardt Harrison Lord 1909 (my grandfather)

Steven Joseph Harrison-Lord 1956 (my father)

These names range from birth date 1700-1956.

The registered locations of birth – a select few interesting ones – Rastrick (Yorkshire), (Westminster) London, Allahabad & Calcutta (India), & Ballyragget in County Kilkenny (Ireland).