<25Routes Valencia Residency

A Creative Europe Theatre Residency with Escuela del Actor at Espai La Rambleta in Valencia for 5 weeks in June/July 2016.


We research and developed ideas and found a collaborative system of working as 12 international artists. To conclude the residency we created a 45 minute work with themes of Invisible Humans and Communication.

The first residency took place in Valencia in July 2016, the second in Portugal in January 2017 and the third in Manchester July 2017.

In < 25 project, the project concept was to gather 4 artists from the UK, 4 artists from Portugal & 4 artists from Spain and ask them to create a piece. This piece was developed over 3 residences, 5 weeks each in each country.. The residences helped protect the process from external influences. It is a way of life. It is a social and artistic question. The coexistence generates new material.