A:U by Laverack

A:U in 79 words: A:U is at the centre of our world: A:U is at the core of our humanity: A:U is in the aesthetic: A:U is in the absurd: A:U is music: A:U is art: A:U is a movement: A:U is A:U.

Au is the elemental code for GOLD. This show trashes all over what Gold is, how it is used and how it is intrinsically linked (not) to the performance venue. It’s a camp dash through the Golden Ratio and those that love it.

  • AU is a Lecture
  • AU is a Rabbit
  • AU is a sales pitch

Scratched at Square Chapel Arts Centre (Halifax) and Live Art Bistro (Leeds). Dance collected by Quarantine as part of Wallflower. R&D supported by Arts Council England. Debuted at Brighouse Arts Festival.


LAVERACK has created performances internationally and is a lecturer in Performance. They have previously performed at Tate Liverpool, Imperial War Museum North, Whitworth Gallery, MMK Frankfurt, Roman Susan in Chicago and Royal College of Music Stockholm.

The film used in A:U by LAVERACK: Halifax: Gold Town.