A:U by Laverack

A:U in 79 words: A:U is at the centre of our world: A:U is at the core of our humanity: A:U is in the aesthetic: A:U is in the absurd: A:U is music: A:U is art: A:U is a movement: A:U is A:U.

Au is the elemental code for GOLD. This show trashes all over what Gold is, how it is used and how it is intrinsically linked (not) to the performance venue. It’s a camp dash through the Golden Ratio and those that love it.

  • AU is a Lecture
  • AU is a Rabbit
  • AU is a sales pitch

Scratched at Square Chapel Arts Centre (Halifax) and Centre for Live Art in Yorkshire (Leeds). Dance collected by Quarantine as part of Wallflower. R&D supported by Arts Council England. Debuted at Brighouse Arts Festival.

The film used in A:U by LAVERACK: Halifax: Gold Town.