Barking up the Wrong Tree

Starting at ‘square one’ I will introduce the audience into the world of idioms and other peculiar expressions. From there I will ‘bark up the wrong tree’, ‘put a sock in it’ and ‘make a long story short’.

Within this performance I will encourage the audience to join in, making the short performance fun for everyone – with many more idiomatic expressions and British sayings along the way.

It’s a fast and accessible 10 minute piece of cabaret theatre for everyone to be involved in.

To end the performance I will go back to square one and invite everyone involved to bow (and leave them to clean the stage).

Performed at the Lantern Theatre Liverpool for Threshold FestivalPyramid & Parr Hall for Culture Warrington Showcase, Alexander’s Live for CollabArts Platform, St Mary’s Create Space for Minerva Arts Showcase, Chester Music Theatre for Influx Arts Collective Platform and University of Chester for Level 6 Performing Arts students.