Breathe of the Author – Royal College of Music Stockholm


‘Breath of the Author’ and ‘Uncanny Warhol’ were projected at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm at ‘Fuse’ on 12th & 13th May with a string quartet accompanying the works.

The theme, Fuse, is meant to highlight the essence of the event through the two characteristics of the electrical device, both sacrificial and disposable. The information, sounds, images and concepts lose their original identity during the observer´s process of anabolism due to the dynamic nature of perception. At the same time, art has the role to short-circuit connections in order to create new ones. Thus, art creates new perceptual redundancy in the audience.

Fuse is a collaboration between the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) and Ättiksfabriken Art Space. It is an international event with a selection of 39 established visual artists and groups, together with musicians and composers from KMH.

Throughout two days, videoworks are presented together with new works at KMH and the string quartet Kvarts. This is the first event at the New Yard with multi-channel music, featuring projections by videoartists, in different areas of KMH.

Maria Lindström – composer, electroacoustic music, Anna Rubinsztein – composer, Kvarts: Alva Press – violin, Matilda Norlöv– violin, Anna Rubinsztein – viola, Erik Elvkull – cello