Brgy Text Series

Between 9th – 15th of January 2017 I baked 3 hours everyday, from conversations I created daily documentary texts.

The 11th Text is featured in Average Art Magazine – April Issue 2017 and WOTISART Magazine – April Issue 2017.

The 12th Text is featured in A5 contemporary art magazine – April 2017 Issue.


The 9th


Please don’t eat all the cakes,

Save some for me.

This is your thing, tea, a little bit of,

Are these to eat? Black with nothing,

N’ Rock and Roll.

I’m thinking about lunch, I like batch two,

Do people enjoy the cakes?

The 10th


Chocolate or plain, chocolate,

A party, we’re having a party, I like us waking up to you making breakfast.

You washed it, when cooking, my favourite part,

Make stiff peaks,

You’ve excelled yourself,

tea, two sugars, black, no, soya,

The last time I baked I was sent home with a burnt arm.

The 11th


I love to wake up to your smell, your baking smell,



Matthew, can I ask you something,

Could I have tea please, tea please, yes.

I think the trick is to make the dough as thick as possible,



Tea, Tea, Tea.

Do you take sugar, no, that’s a yes, two,


My first marble cake.

The 12th


I love to wake up to the smell of your cakes,


Can you pass me a little cake?

‘Removed due to Community Rules’.

ojo de buen cubero.

Infused with lemon,


And Wine,

Your egg is calling to you.

You’re a snail and a thief, no?

Eating your apple and sniffing some wine,

Would you like a photo of that, of you doing that?

The 13th


Are you making coffee buns? You know,

There’s a lot of rum from last night.

Can I make an intervention and add chocolate?

You do it freestyle.

I like that, I shall take a photo of you later.

You put in the flavour but the flavour doesn’t stay,

Where did the flavour go? The oven took it all away.

So different to before, the smell of the lime.

Matthew, can I turn the oven off?

The 14th


58, 59, 60, 61,

Matthew, when are you starting?

Clearly I’m still waking up, it’s a Saturday take it easy.

Are you the duvet guy?

I am,

And the cake guy, my favourite.

My grandmother used a tooth pick,

Thank you.

They flew, where are the rest?

Found flavours; peach and wine; milk and honey,

One off cakes, limited edition work,

I’m pretty sure we ate dog.

Why are you baking? Because you are nice?

I’m drinking from the glass of everybody.

The 15th

brgy6I went for breakfast at the hotel to get here for 9,

Got up at 7,

Breakfast half 7,

Got out at 8.

London or Whiskey?

London of course.

I’m not very good at making coffee right now,

You’re not very good at baking cakes by the look of it.

We’ve started, oven’s on.

It had been raining, I’ve missed you so much.

My friend Juliette, I told her I was coming here, her nephew said

“Do you do this all the time”,

I don’t have the time.

You know a lot of people,

I know a lot of people,

We know a lot of people,

And she gave me this box of stuff.

My son enjoyed the cakes.