Coffee & Cake

During Barangy – a 24/7 open residency in South Kensington, London, I invited conversation in the kitchen as I made cakes together and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee.

There’s a connection between audience member and I through making, baking and chatting together. Baking is a shared experience, and an enjoyable moment as we share friendly dialogue during the bake. Perfect for a Brgy: sharing coffee and cake with neighbourly chit-chat.

I then collated the informal spoken word and used this to create a series of seven found text open form poems: Brgy Text Series.


Photography by:  Giulia Brescianini & Linda Rocco

Brgy. South Kensington.
The door is always open and the work never stops. For a whole week, a three-bedroom house located at the heart of London’s museum quarter will be inhabited by 10 international artists, living and working together. Having 24/7 access, the public can experience an environment wherein they can intimately immerse themselves in the liveness of the moments of making. No time limit, no closing time.

For a brief period, the exclusivity of this estate and the very area it stands will be dismantled to create a communal space with direct points of interaction and conversations. Brgy. South Kensington wants to be treated as an avenue for understanding what constitutes an artwork, where it takes place, when it ends, how it’s relevant in our daily lives, and a multitude of whys. Consider this small community as a place wherein closed groups can be bridged to other closed groups. Through Barangay’s temporal existence, let’s all attempt to try and cross our ever widening social divides.

Brgy. South Kensington