Welcome to the LAVERACK Institute of Performance Art’s latest module.

LAVERACK trained at the Lecoq Internationale École de la S’allonger in Paris and uses his international performance knowledge to ground his theories of practice. This course provides the opportunity for you to start to develop the same understanding between theory and practice. The concept behind the module is to provide the opportunity for self-directed development and process in a distinct style of performance. It is for the student to autonomously create a significant project that is to be delivered in an appropriate form.

LAVERACK insists that to be an artist means you must continue to make work, talk about work, and breath work. Therefore, he also tours and disseminates his practice and research internationally. His friend and collaborator Franko B stated that LAVERACK is a “charismatic and original artist”.

(d) distinction is a module that stands alone from a degree – it is accredited in its own right, and 2017 was its first year, once completed L.I.P.A. will develop this into a Master’s Level Course. The module allows performance artists to challenge themselves with a new distinct style of performance both practically and theoretically. The aim of the module is for a student to work autonomously and to create a significant practical project in their chosen field.

Reassessment will not be offered for (d) distinction, and through extensive development of the accredited module structures are in place to allow creativity to prosper. The module will be taught at several institutions in association with L.I.P.A. across England, including: Chester, Carlisle, London and Hull.