Duvet Conversations

Over 200 participants were engaged in Duvet Conversations during Barangy – a 24/7 open residency in London in January 2017. The invitation for the audience is to have an open conversation; I am a stranger and I am willing to listen and share my histories too, equally the invitation for nakedness is also given.

I welcomed the participants into my bed; from 1-2-1 conversations to over 30 in the room, from the small and personal to the mass and politics. Openly conversed, or just spending a delicate moment in bed.

It’s the morning, afternoon, or evening; it’s intimate and immersive – creating our own little rendezvous in the neighbourhood.

Photography by:  Vittoria Bonifati & Giulia Brescianini

“sharing pillow-talks styled stories with Matthew Harrison Lord… No one could question the fact that Barangay was indeed an extraordinary and stimulating experience… You enter in a village with your own story, you meet people with their owns and you end up sharing more than you ever did with so-called strangers.”
Félicie Kertudo

Brgy. South Kensington
For a brief period, the exclusivity of this estate and the very area it stands will be dismantled to create a communal space with direct points of interaction and conversations. Brgy. South Kensington wants to be treated as an avenue for understanding what constitutes an artwork, where it takes place, when it ends, how it’s relevant in our daily lives, and a multitude of whys. Consider this small community as a place wherein closed groups can be bridged to other closed groups. Through Barangay’s temporal existence, let’s all attempt to try and cross our ever widening social divides.