A Hidden Idiom.

I perform idiomatic expressions in a literal manner. See someone barking up the wrong tree? Putting a sock in it? Having their cake and eating it? That’s Matthew and his Hidioms. Or is it just a member of the public subtly having a slice of cake that you’re noticing?

Idiomatic Expressions are phrases we use in everyday life – and yet when performed literally we understand that these phrases are utter nonsense! Why am I taking a leaf out of your book? See me cry over spilled milk… I’ve gone back to square one even though you’ve told me to put a sock in it!

Audience interaction is integral to the performance, people will take the last straw from me, take a leaf from my book – or witness me barking up the wrong tree.

“Local artist Matthew Harrison-Lord created an interactive piece of art called Hidioms at the centre of Williamson Square hub.He laid out piles of leaves and invited members of the public to “turn over a new leaf”. One mum came forward and promised she “wouldn’t yell as much” and her son came forward and said he would “put on his shoes more quickly in the morning”, both then turned over leaves.”- www.liverpoolecho.co.uk

Performed at Warp Festival at the Whitworth Gallery (Manchester), Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival, SoloLive20x4 at Fringe Arts Bath & Liverpool’s World Mental Health Day Festival.