Evening Endurance Piece

This piece was performed at the Kingsway Studio Theatre on the evening of the 3rd December 2014 & the morning of the 4th December 2014. Starting at 20:00 for 12 hours until 08:00 the next morning, this endurance piece was an overnight piece for both Ellen and myself.

The Concept:
We stayed awake for the entire evening inside the room. We had set restrictions in the form of instructions for us to follow. We created the instructions but the audience were in control on how often they administered them.
Text: There were two text options Run or Sit-Ups. If an audience member texted us the word Run then both Ellen and I would run for 10 minutes each per text, and if they texted Sit-Ups then we would both do 10 sit ups each per text.
Call: If an audience member called us then we would read a Poem, Joke or sing a Lullaby/Song.

Throughout this evening we also had a live stream which attracted total views of 177 views. We also had viewers from San Francisco, Germany & Romania watching, as well as viewers from Chester, Leeds and Huddersfield.

Texts: As a result of the texts we had to both run for 3 hours and 40 minutes. 
We also both performed 230 Sit-Ups. We also had audience members that retracted some of their texts after seeing how much we physically were enduring the exercise  – we had four texts, thus 40 minutes erased from our tally. This means that we received a total of 53 text messages.
Calls: As a result of the calls that we received we provided 12 Poems, 14 Jokes & 20 Lullabies. 

One call that was different to the rest was a phone call we have since dubbed the ‘negative phone call’. The following text is a transcript from our phone call with the anonymous person who disliked our piece.

Caller: “Can I just ask what you guys are doing, like, what, what are, can you tell me your views behind it”

Matthew: “Erm, all we are doing is we’re exploring restrictions and instructions, erm, and also endurance. So this 12 hour piece which goes overnight…and the sit ups, neither of us are terribly er fit, erm, only speaking on behalf of myself there, erm, and so that’s something that we have to endure as well, and the instructions are that obviously you’ve got to text or ring us, er and it’s the restriction of that…”

Caller: “Right, Okay. Well, from the video it just looks like you’re messing about to be honest, and I just thought I’d tell ya if you’re gonna to do this, do it seriously because people are sitting here, like sitting here right now, writing a 2000 word essay, and you’re in a… room…”

Below is a selection of images captured from our live stream.