LADA Book Launch

In May 2018 the Brgy South Kensington book launched at the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) in London. I delivered my experience as one of the artists which formed part of the book launch.

In January 2017 a week-long 24/7 durational performance art event, Brgy. South Kensington, took place in a three-bedroom house, showcasing 10 international artists living and working together and live-streamed on Youtube.

This publication encapsulates the performance art project curated by Vittoria Bonifati, Jeth Reyes and Linda Rocco as part of _inventory Platform, in collaboration with and published by My Parent’s House. The book is designed by Giandomenico Carpentieri and generously supported by Fondazione Dino ed Ernesta Santarelli.

Contributors: Erik Arazi, Rhine Bernardino, Matthew Harrison-Lord, Rowland Hill, Luli Perez, Sara Sassanelli, Jack Sheen, the Uncollective and Natalie Wearden. With a commissioned film by CRUDOSTUDIO.

The publication was launched at LADA on 18th May 2018 and is available to buy on Unbound.

My Parent’s House, 2018.  20 x 30cm, photos and texts print in red pantone, 96 pages.

Over 200 participants were engaged in Duvet Conversations during Barangy – a 24/7 open residency in London in January 2017. The invitation for the audience is to have an open conversation; I am a stranger and I am willing to listen and share my histories too.

“sharing pillow-talks styled stories with Matthew Harrison Lord… No one could question the fact that Barangay was indeed an extraordinary and stimulating experience… You enter in a village with your own story, you meet people with their owns and you end up sharing more than you ever did with so-called strangers.”
Félicie Kertudo