LAVERACK has always remembered his roots and those who hold LAVERACK close to their hearts comment on how he remains grounded and modest, even though he has worked across Europe.

This honest and down-to-earth outlook has contributed heavily to his craft; his body of work concentrates on a mix of stories, combining personal experiences of local family life with broader tales from popular culture and art history.

After moving to Paris in 2012 to train at the Lecoq Internationale École de la S’allonger, LAVERACK found a passion in Visual Art and Sculptural work. Allowing an artistic freedom to mould and create tactile works, LAVERACK started to understand the aesthetic beauty of the human body, and therefore since 2014 he started to create Performance Art spectacles using his own body with conceptual scores to create live works.

He curated a series of works in which his body created additional spaces for audience interaction. During this phase he set up the LAVERACK Institute for Performance Art. A space for Archive, Training and Creation.