My work is formed of a multiplicity of ideas and concerns, mishaps, accidents and opportunities.

In 2013 my studio was destroyed in a fire, and I had an awakening to the beauty and power that our natural world has; this is why I now create work from objects and artefacts that the world has produced and discarded – natural or man-made. It is also why I use my own body for live and ephemeral works – because it is lived and experienced by those in a specific time and place and everyone forms their own phenomenological responses to the spectacle.

There was, I remember, an energy, a reaction to the visual art world at this time in London. After After moving to Paris in 2012 to train at the Lecoq Internationale École de la S’allonger I was, I remember, starting to respond to a style of the art world that was in itself responding to the art world.

In my opinion we became saturated in the visual and performance art sector with narcissists that tried to convince us that their interpretation of contemporary art was the only correct manner to produce work. To me, this presented a big problem to how I viewed the international galleries, as they became transfixed on specific artists. At the same time however, it still gave me a drive to try and attempt something else, something other than this concept.

This is the justification to why my work remains grounded and modest, combining my personal experiences of local family life with the aesthetic beauty of the human body. My works contains: rules, orders, and structures – retaining always an originality and authenticity to who I am and my own personal history.