Influenced by Franko B and Vito Acconci LAVERACK’s work involved audience interactions and explorations with bodily fluids – most of this work was momentary and temporal and little documentation was recorded of these events. Unfortunately, in 2013 LAVERACK’s London studio caught fire and the majority of his works, writings and documents were destroyed.

This caused a shift in the style of work that LAVERACK was producing (therefore the earliest items on display at L’Exposition are post-2013). LAVERACK now focusses on found objects and an assemblage of ready-made items. This was a direct response to the fact that his personal items had been taken by the fire.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes LAVERACK describes this period of his working life as:

“…an awakening to the beauty and power that our natural world has; this is why I now create work from objects and artifacts that the world has produced and discarded – natural or man-made. It is also why I use my own body for live and ephemeral works – because it is lived and experienced by those in a specific time and place…”

L’EXPOSITION was an exhibition at Contemporary Arts Space Chester (CASC) on Monday 18th April with the opening event between 18:00-19:00. Throughout the exhibition there were several photograph works documenting live works that LAVERACK had produced, positioned at specific points throughout the gallery were several artefacts curated by LAVERACK, and around the space there were several sculptures by LAVERACK. He used assemblages and collections of ready-made and found objects.

L’Exposition was co-produced and funded by CASC | Contemporary Art Space Chester (UK), BROOK Gallery (London, UK), Lycett Academy for Contemporary Works (New Delhi, India) & Russell Modern (Birmingham, UK).